“Emergence” and my Deep Ecology art practice

“The Galaxy Beneath our Feet” – Oil on Birch Board, 2022 Last autumn, I spent two weeks at the United Plant Savers Goldenseal Sanctuary in Ohio as a Deep Ecology Artist in Residence. United Plant Savers (UPS)  is an organization with an unusually forward thinking approach to conservation of native medicinal plants. Unlike most conservation […]

Another look at Poison Ivy: Mother Rhus

Poison Ivy - Mother Rhus

Let’s write stories for our ancestors. About healing. Hope, Futures of resilience.…Let’s write stories for the future generations. Stories that can help us travel to futures that we’d like to inhabit.……But first, I need to heal. Maybe you do too. Today, an article I wrote on healing intergenerational trauma was published in a plant dialogues […]

Deep Ecology of Lichens – An upcoming Artists Fellowship

Exciting news! The United Plants Savers awarded me a Deep Ecology Artists Fellowship. As one of their 2022 recipients, I’ll be staying at the United Plant Savers Sanctuary to explore the deep ecology of lichens. What is Deep Ecology? There are lots of different definitions, all connected at a central core: that the earth is […]

My first published fiction story: “Cracking Open”

My first piece of fiction “Cracking Open: A Walk to the Precipice” was published six months ago in Dark Mountain Issue 20: ABYSS. The window to not re-publish has passed, and now I’m sharing it here. It’s an illustrated coming of age story about a girl and the creatures that live at the Center of […]

Notes on a sabbatical from lichenology

For anyone who has visited my site before, you’ve probably noticed a big change. I’ve revamped it to reflect a bit of what I’ve been learning and exploring these past 2 years: that lichenology is not just a practice of taxonomy and observation of the outer world, but is also an exploration of the inner world, a practice in creating symbioses with our mind, and body, and emotions and more than human world, which can radically shift how we engage with the outer world.

Lichen Yoga in the California Alpine: Yoking the creative and scientific parts of self

Lichen taxonomy is really exciting to some people. And I’ll be honest, I’m not one of them. I prefer the meta-stories — ones about how land and climate barriers have propelled speciation into many divergent paths, how species assemblages shift along different environmental gradients, and ways in which the lichen symbiosis can inform a more […]

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