a forest shwoing roots connecting underground which resemble a galaxy of stars
"The Galaxies Beneath our Feet" by Nastassja Noell. Oil on birch panel.

Astrology Readings with Nastassja

We are living in a time of profound change, as if the planet is birthing something new through each of us.. Our psyches and bodies are responding, but our minds cannot make sense of it – the maps of our parents and grandparents no longer match today’s world… 

Astrology provides a map of change – when we can understand the blueprint of the changes we are experiencing, we are empowered with the ability to meet the changes in our own authentic ways. Each transit thus becomes a portal as you become your own compass.

My Journey with Astrology

During my early years with lichens, while finishing writing the book Delmarva Lichens, and conducting field work in the Great Basin Desert, a dear friend and fellow botanist introduced me to astrology. Not the newspaper style astrology, but rather the houses and planets, the transit cycles of Saturn, archetypes and inner doorways of knowing. And something deeply resonated.

Although I have mentors in many fields, I don’t have anyone that has walked this windy, cliff laden path that I’ve walked. So when my friend showed me my chart, and I started looking at past and present transits, the connections with my experiences were uncanny.

Through the years since then, I’ve learned ways of being able to work with these changes, time their duration, and connect with my inner wisdom during stormy times. These  are the tools I offer in my sessions.

“I have seen astrologers in the past and only felt half heard or half seen. I had mostly given up on astrology. Nastassja helped the whole of me to emerge. I felt so cared for and held as she read into my chart. It feels like she’s been doing this for lifetimes.” ~ Emily R., mindfulness self compassion coach


My intention with each reading is to create a container where you can hear and trust your inner wisdom, and provide earth centered astrological insights for navigating the changes in your inner and outer worlds.

“Nastassja has such a gift of explaining astrology in a way that feels rooted in love and freedom”  ~ Nina S., psychotherapist


In my practice, astrology is about synchronicity, not causality. We are part of multiple ecosystems simultaneously: the terrestrial ecosystems that we live within, the ecosystems of our bodies, and the ecosystems of our culture, families, and communities. My practice of astrology is grounded in the Earth, in finding our own unique rhythms within these ecosystems. I use a combination of Placidus and Whole Sign house systems, Progressed Lunar and Solar cycles, and myths that are grounded in Earth based human and ecological frameworks.


My clients are threshold tenders. They are often psychotherapists, coaches, creatives, researchers, and pastors on the forefronts of social change. If you are going through personal challenges, you are at a threshold, and I’d love to work with you.

What to Expect

Each session starts with a grounding meditation and intention setting, followed by chart exploration and analysis. At the end, we’ll close the session by sealing in the energetic insights. After the session, charts and other astrological resources used for the session are provided. Sessions are held over Zoom and recorded. Sessions and and session content are confidential.

Energetic Exchange / Payment

Accessibility is important to me. Prices are listed as a sliding scale. If these prices are inaccessible to you, please reach out so that we can figure out another way of engaging in an energetic exchange.

To pay for your session, you can use this credit card link (via Stripe.com) or this paypal link after you schedule your appointment below.

My Background and Training

My astrological training includes an 18 month intensive astrology mentorship program with the first astrologer that I ever trusted, Rosie Finn (2022-2024); a year long compassionate communication (NVC) practice circle with Liesbett Bickett (2020-2021); four years learning from contemporary shamanic practitioner Beatrice Pizer (2016-2020); and Buddhist trainings in Lojong, Cultivating Bodhicitta, and Cultivating Emotional Balance with Venerable Tenzin Chogkyi at the Vajrapani Institute (2017-2018).

To learn more about my scientific and creative background, see those areas of my website.

To learn more about my approach, check out the conversation with psychotherapist Pripo Teplitsky and myself on his podcast “Relationship! Let’s Talk About It”


45 Min Reading

Energetic Exchange $30-$60

This is great for:

  • Timing the launch of a project or trip so that you are more creative or industrious or adventurous (electional astrology)
  • Locating places to travel or move so that your inner Sun shines brightest and you’re in your flow, or where your Venus and Mercury amplify communication and relationships (astrocartography)
  • Knowing a firm “yes” or “no” answer based on what the stars indicate (horary astrology)
  • Personal situations that are brief in nature, we’ll look at the current transits and their effect on your natal chart.

90 Min Reading

Energetic Exchange $60-$120

This reading is ideal for guidance on personal situations that involve a situation with a longer term trend (1+ years). We’ll discuss your situation, look at your natal chart alongside current and past transits to understand the context. We’ll then look for which planets and houses may be able to give beneficial support, and how you might invoke those within your daily life. We’ll end by discussing an actionable plan according to the timing of upcoming transits.

Each 90 min reading comes with a downloadable file containing the charts used during the session, your progressed sun and moon information, and a list of dates for when Saturn transited your houses (if applicable to reading theme).

120 Min Reading

Energetic Exchange $90-$240

In this reading, we’ll start by going over your natal chart (if you’re new to astrology this is a great way to learn both about yourself and your chart!). From there, we’ll explore transits for the year ahead. And we’ll end by creating initiatory actions for you to do on certain days so that you can welcome in the energies that you’d like to activate this year.

Each 120 min reading comes with the downloadable file containing the charts used during the session, your progressed sun and moon information, and a list of dates for when Saturn transited your houses.


“Nastassja provides an insightful and engaging astrological reading. Not only did she help me to navigate an upcoming event, she also enlivened aspects of my birth chart that no other astrology interpretation had, giving me refreshing perspectives on my past, present and future. I felt validated, seen and encouraged to trust my life’s journey. Facing this next chapter is less daunting with this reading and Nastassja’s insight in my pocket.” Ana T.

“I loved receiving the charts ahead of time and the care and intention I felt in the reading. I appreciated the way you asked about certain key dates and points in my life and connected them with the planetary alignments. Everything is so well organized and summarized. You have a true gift with uncovering and creating a narrative flow to the chart connected with key life events. The fact that you are so grounded, educated, and connected with the natural world, it made me feel safer exploring the stars with you 🙂 Thank you for sharing your gifts!” Noah H.

“Nastassja’s energy and insight, combined with her ability to integrate the wisdom of the mycelium network, provided me with direction and compassion during the reading of my astrological chart. Despite my hesitancy around astrology, I found deep meaning in the experience as she helped me understand the profound shifts we undergo, both individually and collectively, influenced by the planets. In a time of great grief, I was able to come out stronger on the other side. -Tatum YJ