Last week I spent some time going through specimens from Lassen Peak in Lassen National Park, Northern California.

But that makes less than exciting reading, so instead, lets take a peek at a few pretty photos from that field day.


The crater of the volcano
The crater of the volcano

Lassen Peak from the Crater
Lassen Peak as seen from the north end of the crater
Young lichens near the Crater
Lichenologist Henry Imshaug only found 4 species of lichens when he inventories Lassen Peak’s lichens in the 1950s. How much have the lichens grown since then? Hard to say, but I took some measurements of lichen thalli (lichen body) near the crater, and near the peak; although my measurements were not systematic, it did indicate that far greater grow on the south peak than near the crater. The above photograph is of an early establishing lichen community near the crater, notice how most lichen thalli are less than 5mm.

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    1. Thanks so much Maria! You made this site totally possible! As did your encouragement to create something to show photos of field adventures!!! I’ve got more photos of the peak, craters and lichens from Lassen, I’ll let you know when I update this post!

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