Its hard to remember all the great articles that one comes across during the course of a day, but there’s always a few that seem to pop out and need to be acknowledged, remembered, noted.

The two prominent ones from this week are focused around the context of recent alpine lichens field work, and a presentation we’ll be giving at the upcoming conference at Sequoia – Kings Canyon National Parks.

Biology of Wonder book cover.
Biology of Wonder, the book that further develops the concept forged in the listed essay, Enlivenment.

Floristic Affinities of the High Sierra Nevada.” by Stebbins, G. Ledyard. Madroño 29, no. 3 (1982): 189-99. Journal Article, Full PDF.

Early warning of critical transitions in biodiversity from compositional disorder.” by Doncaster, C. P., Chávez, V. A., Viguier, C., Wang, R., Zhang, E., Dong, X., Dearing, J. A., Langdon, P. G. and Dyke, J. G. (2016). Ecology. Journal Article, early release – Full PDF.

And then an essay that’s a predecessor to the book, The Biology of Wonder, that I keep hearing about. The essay is online:

Enlivenment: Towards a fundamental shift in the concepts of nature, culture and politics.” An Essay by Andreas Weber (2013). Volume 31 of the Publication Series Ecology.

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