Let’s write stories for our ancestors. About healing. Hope, Futures of resilience.
…Let’s write stories for the future generations. Stories that can help us travel to futures that we’d like to inhabit.
……But first, I need to heal. Maybe you do too.

Today, an article I wrote on healing intergenerational trauma was published in a plant dialogues series by Dark Mountain Project. It features one of my greatest and most harsh un-lenient teachers: Poison Ivy, who I now call Mother Rhus. For seven years, doctors thought the rashes were chemical burns, not just. Steroid shots didn’t cut it. Nor did jewelweed, calamine lotions, quercetin, homepathic Rhus-Tox, acupuncture, anti-histamines, cold showers three times a day, changing sheets every morning and washing two sets of clothes each night, for nearly 5 straight years (including winter). Sometimes those would help for a moment, but only for a moment.

What’s worked? Inter-generational healing. Facing trauma and grief. Clearing the toxins from my blood by facing these ancestral traumas, moving with these cultural poisons, transmuting these somatic expressions. And that’s what this article for Dark Mountain is about. And it also features some of my art! https://dark-mountain.net/mother-rhus/

But if you just want some fiction – some uplifting fiction about healing – my flash fiction story Medicine Songs was recently nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Bright Flash Literary Review.

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