Alpine Lichens: Bishop Pass, Sequoia – Kings Canyon N.P., California

Bishop Pass is one of the more species-rich alpine locations in California that Imshaug collected in during his 1955 surveys. Despite the lack of well-developed soil, he found a number of soil crust lichens (terricolous lichens), along with dozens of rock lichens (saxicolous lichens). So we tasked ourselves with the same, and found all the […]

Mt. Tiffany, North Cascades, Washington

Giant fires raged last year when Jason and I attempted to survey two alpine lichen locations in Washington: Mt. Pugh (Glacier Peak Wilderness) and Mt. Tiffany (Okanogan National Forest); the 2015 fires shut down many of the towns in the Eastern Cascades, and flames were jumping over regional Hwy 2, blocking our access to the […]

Trophy Meadows, Wells Gray Provincial Park, B.C.

Waiting for alpine lichen season to begin is challenging, but Jason and I have been spending the past month adventuring around Idaho, Washington, and north-central B.C. My favorite by far has been the Trophy Meadows in in the Upper Clearwater area of B.C.. Purely enchanting.

Lassen Peak

Last week I spent some time going through specimens from Lassen Peak in Lassen National Park, Northern California. But that makes less than exciting reading, so instead, lets take a peek at a few pretty photos from that field day.