Poison Ivy - Mother Rhus
Let’s write stories for our ancestors. About healing. Hope, Futures of resilience.…Let’s write stories for the future generations. Stories that can help us travel to futures that we’d like to inhabit.……But first, I need to heal. Maybe you do too. […]
Exciting news! The United Plants Savers awarded me a Deep Ecology Artists Fellowship. As one of their 2022 recipients, I’ll be staying at the United Plant Savers Sanctuary to explore the deep ecology of lichens. What is Deep Ecology? There […]
For anyone who has visited my site before, you’ve probably noticed a big change. I’ve revamped it to reflect a bit of what I’ve been learning and exploring these past 2 years: that lichenology is not just a practice of taxonomy and observation of the outer world, but is also an exploration of the inner world, a practice in creating symbioses with our mind, and body, and emotions and more than human world, which can radically shift how we engage with the outer world.
Our last day. In the morning there are a few brief sprinkles, and dark clouds everywhere. I hear two thunderclaps, and Marvin is shaking with nerves. We reluctantly decide to bail on the route.
Longest day, distance-wise. Wander up, following creek part of the way. Find some Claytonia. Top off our water at a snow pack near the top of the slope. It is late enough that we can divert enough flow to fill our bottles relatively quickly.
Off early again, trying to ensure we saw no people today. This early stretch up to White Mountain summit is the only place we are likely to see anyone on the entire trip. We rely on a snow patch visible at top of the ridge to get water.
Started uphill early through lovely bristlecone forests, following an old road briefly. Found some wood crusts under a huge old bristlecone, then some Caloplaca atroalba-like thing on pebbles under another big bristlecone at edge of meadow;
We packed up carefully in the early morning and headed into Cottonwood Basin. All limestone up here. Saw a coyote right at the start, "leading" us to the start of the ridge descent
We drove both vehicles to the Trail Canyon trailhead and camped near there in a lovely spot in a Pinyon-Juniper woodland. Very intimidating thunderstorms were looming all along the White Mountains and ranges to the east. We decided to delay for a day in Trail Canyon, and stay in Cottonwood Basin the following day.
ledge camp
The White Mountains of California / Nevada are the little known younger sister of the High Sierras.

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