Giant fires raged last year when Jason and I attempted to survey two alpine lichen locations in Washington: Mt. Pugh (Glacier Peak Wilderness) and Mt. Tiffany (Okanogan National Forest); the 2015 fires shut down many of the towns in the […]
Waiting for alpine lichen season to begin is challenging, but Jason and I have been spending the past month adventuring around Idaho, Washington, and north-central B.C. My favorite by far has been the Trophy Meadows in in the Upper Clearwater […]
Our first field hitch of 2016 turned out pretty great, we surveyed lichens at seven collection areas, for a total of 32 sites, and brought home about 700 collections. But those are just numbers, the fun part is the places […]
After over two years of hard work, Peter McCoy has published Radical Mycology, an amazing text on how to see and work with fungi. And I wrote the Fifth chapter – Radical Lichenology. It was a personally transformative chapter for […]
Why remote sensing? Sure there’s something odd about satellites looking down on us everyday, a bit unsettling from a socio-political perspective. But from an ecological perspective, its a game changer, in a very good way. Since the 1970s, NASA has […]
Last week I spent some time going through specimens from Lassen Peak in Lassen National Park, Northern California. But that makes less than exciting reading, so instead, lets take a peek at a few pretty photos from that field day. […]
After three years of field work in Argentina, Chile, the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain, and the Great Basin Desert of Nevada, we’re finally making the time to publish the Turnbull NWR lichen inventory. The manuscript is going to be more bare […]

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