Art and Videos

Video: The Lichen People

by Jessica Lynn Allen and Nastassja Noell (2015)

This is a sweet little video about lichen enthusiasts from Eastern North America who gather each year to celebrate lichens, share knowledge – but also to muck around in the Alligator National Wildlife Refuge, an area severely threatened by the rising waters of climate change.

Video: Living in the Northern Rockies: Getting Water in the Winter

by Nastassja Noell and Jesse Taylor (2011)

Back before I was a lichenologist, I lived in a primitive 1-room cabin in the Northern Rockies. No plumbing, no electricity, no chain saws (just an axe and maul!), lots of books, lots of walks, a couple puppies, a hilarious friend, and my own intensive studies on fungal physiology and taxonomy and cellular biology. And we also planted alot of fruit and nut trees (84 to be exact) and tried our hand at building soil and gardens.

What were the winters like? Well, we were snowed in for up to three months, and when there wasn’t snow, getting water was challenging. How often do you have to use a pick-axe to get drinking water? Check it out.